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Lens Material

The lens material, together with the design, creates the optical correction. Its mission, combined with no-glare and anti-fog treatments, is to make the wearer unaware he is wearing lenses…

The optical lens world drastically changed with the appearance of plastics. Switching from glass to plastic has meant a drastic reduction in weight and thickness. Plastic lenses’ performance is ever improving. Today, high-index lenses achieve the desired correction with less material, and the resulting thinner, lighter lenses are quickly becoming the industry standard.

Just as there are many frame materials – metal, plastic, and more – there are also different types of lens materials of which eyeglasses are made. It’s all about matching your patient’s personal lifestyle wants and visual prescription needs to today’s high tech lens materials.

Today, lenses come in the following popular materials:

  • airwear
  • ThinLite
  • trexawhite