Digital Surfacing

Welcome to an entirely new way of looking at the ophthalmic lens manufacturing. Digital surfacing is becoming the norm in the industry. Are you considering going digital? We can help. Please contact us for more information.

What is Digital Surfacing:

The term “digital surfacing” describes a process used to transfer an optical design to a lens surface. Digital surfacing can be used to create simple spherical single vision lenses, or to create complex progressive surfaces. Lens Design, Equipment, Lab Management System, and Len Design Software are critical components of digital lens manufacturing and performance:

Superior Digital Surfacing Technology from Essilor

Essilor’s superior and exclusive digital surfacing process delivers high performance lenses with the most precision. Essilor’s DS technologies maximize the visual comfort and clarity and produce high performance lenses that guarantee customer satisfaction.

The information on the following pages will lead you to a greater understanding of what it means to become a digital surfacing practice and will help you gain insights on critical components of the digital surfacing process.