Digital Surfacing Equipment

For superior digital technology, a lab must install a Blocker, Generator, Polisher, and an Engraver from the list below, plus any required ancillary equipments listed in footnotes.

Required Digital Surfacing Equipments for Essilor DSPC


  • PRA Essilor
  • Essilor Inserts
  • Essilor rings
  • SL PRA23
  • Nikon Inserts
  • Schneider CB Bond3

  • Essilor DLP
  • SL ToroFlex3
  • SL I-Flex3
  • SL Auto Flex3
  • SL Duo-Flex3
  • SL Duo-Flex MP3
  • CCP 103
    (w/Schneider process)
  • CCP Swift
    (w/Schneider process)

  • SL VFT Compact Pro
  • SL VFT Ultra
  • SL VFT Orbit
  • SL VFT Orbit M3
  • SL VFT Orbit L
  • Schneider HSC101
  • Schneider HSC Smart
    – X
    – XP
  • Schneider HSC Master
  • Schneider HSC Sprint

  • SL Lensengraver 2
    / SL Lensengraver 2-LC
  • SL Lensengraver 3
    / SL Lensengraver 3-LC
  • Schneider CMark

Required equipment for Essilor DSPC includes: CLE 260, Arc Lamp, Mitsutoyo Microscope and Essilor Consumables.

Coolant system needed (tank and chiller). 140 liter is minimum requirement, but larger coolant system recommended for Orbit. Must have space to access filters to be able to clean.

May require additional equipment

For more information, please contact your Essilor Integrated Independent Group Strategic Account Manager.