Private Label Progressive Designs

E-DSO digital lens designs are offered under the Private Label platform. You can digitally surface these lenses in-house and private label them to suit your practice needs.

Private Label Progressive Designs
Full Back Side Options for Satisloh Equipment* Full Back Side Options for ANY DS Equipment**
DSO 14mm Essilor Ideal Advanced™
DSO 16mm Essilor Ideal®
DSO 18mm Brillenz
DSO Office
DSO Driver


  • All Designs are available in multiple materials, Clear, Transitions, etc. – standard and short corridor.
  • These designs are available to ANY integrated retailer using approved/validated equipment and LMS
  • (*) These designs are proprietary to Satisloh. Therefore, only available through Satisloh DS equipments.
  • (**)Must be verified for compatability with Essilor Systems.

For more information, please contact your Essilor Integrated Independent Group Strategic Account Manager.