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Online Ordering

For your convenience, Essilor Integrated Independent Group offers an online ordering service “Webstore”. You can benefit from the Webstore, regardless of your Lab Management System (LMS). The system is easy to use and you can increase efficiencies when ordering by using a PnP scanner. You can place orders for stock lenses by either selecting products from a drop-down display or scanning bar codes with a plug-n-play scanner.


  • Flexibility to place orders when convenient for you
  • Reduce potential for miss-shipments due to phone or fax orders

Online Service Offerings:

  • Order stock lenses
  • Know product availability
  • Check order status
    • Know recovery dates for out of stock items
  • Do matrix ordering
  • Filter product options based on:
    • Product characteristics
    • Order status
    • Order tracking
  • View order history, including orders not placed via the Webstore
  • Access to Favorites list
  • Resubmit recurring orders
  • Access to Training material and technical specifications
  • Access to Customer Service