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Progressive Lenses

If your patients are over 40 and having difficulty with their vision, chances are they are experiencing presbyopia, the common gradual loss of near vision. There is good news: you and your patients have more choices today than ever before. They don’t have to carry a separate pair of glasses for reading or wear lined bifocal lenses like their parents did.

Progressive Adaptive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision, and they supply all the in-between corrections as well. Progressive lenses have progressive powers of correction from bottom to top – easing eye strain and providing the most natural vision correction.

The world’s very first progressive lens, invented in 1959, was a Varilux lens. And since that time, Essilor has continued to innovate and set new standards of performance in vision care for presbyopic patients. From premium to value, Essilor offers a range of progressive lenses that meet needs of your various patients segments.

Premium Progressive Designs
Dual Optix™ Full Back Side (FBS)
Varilux Physio Enhanced™ Varilux Physio DRx™
Varilux Comfort 2 Enhanced™ Varilux Physio DRx™
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Essilor PALs: Advanced Technology and lens designs

Essilor introduced progressive lenses to the world more than 50 years ago and is still the leading innovator in progressive lens technology. Whether your patients are looking for comfortable eyewear to support their active lifestyle or smaller frames for greater fashion and style options—Essilor has the right lenses for you to offer to your patients.

Essilor progressive lenses offer precision, consistent quality, and superior performance and are available in a full range of designs to address different needs of all your patients.

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