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SmallFit™ from Essilor is the perfect fit for presbyopes, especially those who prefer the style of smaller frames. SmallFit lenses match the wearer’s natural gaze and are a perfect complement to the Ovation® design by Essilor. Soft design provides more comfortable intermediate vision than other short-corridor PALs – well suited for higher additions. Dynamic vision is achieved in all acuity fields and better vision balance than typical short-corridor lenses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Customized to wearer’s prescription and addition
  • Variable inset by Base and Add Power
  • No Compromise on Style
    • Gives style-conscious patients more choice in frames
    • Available for most short-corridor frames
    • 14-16 mm Fitting Height
  • No Compromise on Vision
    • Fast and Easy Adaption
    • Smooth Transition Between Zones
    • Comfortable Vision Zones
    • Essilor Advanced Design and Technology

To order, click here or contact your Essilor Integrated Independent Group Strategic Account Manager.