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TREXA™ lenses are the new Trivex® based lens material from Essilor that outperforms standard plastic, providing low Rx patients enhanced visual benefits.

TREXA lenses are now available in the most premium designs and No-Glare technologies, including Varilux®, DEFINITY®, Crizal®, Accolade™, Accolade Freedom™, and Transitions® so your patients will experience all-around comfort and superior everyday performance.

TREXA lenses are thinner, lighter, stronger, and easier to drill mount compared to standard plastic. They are six times stronger than uncoated plastic lenses, which makes them very impact resistant.

Standard Plastic TREXA
Refractive Index Thicker (1.50) Thinner (1.53)
Weight (Specific Gravity) Heavier (1.32 g/cm3) Lighter (1.11 g/cm3)
Impact Resistance More likely to break High Impact resistance
Market Introduction 1946 2011
UV Protection None Blocks 100% UV transmittance
Tensile Strength Hard to drill mount (15.6 kg/f) Easy to drill mount (61.2 kg/f)

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