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No-Glare Lenses

The best vision solution for your patients should always include No-Glare lenses. No-Glare lenses complete a prescription and complement a lens design to improve the visual performance for a better visual solution for your patients. Based on your patient’s lifestyle and visual needs recommend appropriate No-Glare lens solution. Once patients experience the benefits of No-Glare lenses, they will continue to invest in their vision health. Ensure that your patients have optimal vision with No-Glare lenses and help differentiate your practice from competitors.

Clinical studies have shown that No-Glare lenses provide:

  • Decrease in extreme glare from oncoming headlights; allowing the patient to recover quicker and stop up to 5 seconds faster
  • Up to 20% sharper contrast; allowing patients to recognize more detail in low light conditions and see more clearly
  • Up to 30% wider field of view; allowing patients to see more
  • Resistance to normal scratches and smudges that come from everyday wear and tear
  • Decrease in the occurrence of tired, itching, watery and burning eyes, along with blurred vision
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